Fitness Mobile App

While at Zenoti, I designed our first B2C Fitness mobile app


My Role 

Lead UX/UI Designer



Now available for download on the Apple Store and Play Store! The Zenoti mobile app has two valuable customers: InCycle and YogaStudio.









Zenoti Expands to Fitness Industry: Introducing a Custom Mobile App for Class Bookings


Zenoti, a well-known software in the beauty industry, has expanded its services to include fitness businesses. As part of this expansion, we designed a fitness mobile app for our new fitness customers to allow their students to stay on top of their class bookings.



Competitive Analysis

Researching Competitors to Identify Critical Features for Fitness App Success


I identified a comprehensive list of eleven critical features for any successful fitness app by researching four direct competitors. This research played a vital role in shaping the design of our own app, ensuring that it met the needs and expectations of our target audience. 






User Flow

Maximizing Students' Time with Efficient Booking System 


Our top priorities were to create quick and efficient flows for class booking and pre-reservation form completion. Our aim was to help students save time and maximize their day.




Design Components

Brand Consistency 


Our design system was a valuable asset in achieving our goal of maintaining brand consistency. It has enabled close collaboration between our design team and stakeholders.


Final Designs

Zenoti's fitness mobile App is now the preferred platform for InClycle and YogaStudio.



Enhancement Screens

Working on the next iteration.  


I designed enhancement screens in an effort to guide the app's future development. Using components from the design system, I proposed a few changes that can positively impact the look and feel of the fitness mobile app. 







Teamwork made the experience of creating Zenoti's fitness app special. 



Collaboration was a key element of the design process for the Fitness App. I worked closely with the design team, product managers, and two engineers during this project. Leveraging the power of Figma, I was able to effectively communicate my designs to the team and ensure that everyone was on the same page throughout the development process. After four weeks, the Engineering team brought our designs to life and shared a demo for the Product Manager and me to review in case we needed any iterations.

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